is an airport specific conversational ecosystem, using existing messaging apps to drive passenger conversations & -engagement. A tool that informs passengers about their stay at the airport, the available airport facilities and commercial venues, food & beverage locations and unique experiences. It uses artificial intelligence (AI), doesn’t require any new apps on the passengers’ phones and is heavily personalized and self-learning.


Provide multi-language, personalized information about flights, gates & directions. Answer questions and restore passengers' post-COVID19 trust, familiarity and airport comfort.

Global Brands

Increase the impact of your airport presence, make your airport advertising interactive, help passengers select your brand in-store and increase your brand's airport turnover. - the airport conversational ecosystem

Airport Retailers

Increase store penetration and basket size. Enable personalized offers on-the-go, empower brands to speak to your customers and offer multi-language product information.

Airport F&B

Touch-free ordering & payments, providing special offers and increase turnover at all your locations at the airport and at all of your airport locations - globally.