A 'window to the world' for Dutch Design furniture

Touch, Try & Truly Experience

A unique opportunity for airport passengers to touch, try and truly experience new discoveries and longtime favourite items as a final phase before making their purchase decision.

Captive Audience

Reach an affluent, normally time-scarce audience at an unique moment. The moment between security and boarding at one of Europe's most highly rated airports, Amsterdam Airport Schiphol.

Deliver 100% ‘on-brand’ experiences

Mono-Brand Living Rooms

A large airport seating area has been divided into several living rooms. The total space offers a great variety of both renowned as well as upcoming Dutch Design brands, with each living room offering space to several items from one brand.

Every quarter the visual merchandising team re-styles the complete area, replacing existing brands with a fresh selection. Ensuring that the area remains attractive to the 1 million monthly passengers passing by.

Storytelling, Lead Generation & Sales

Digital Engagement

Touch screens are available in each airport living room to offer digital engagement with passengers for:

  • Storytelling – full description of  details, additional pictures, owner reviews and the story behind the furniture brand & its designer.
  • Lead generation – remind passengers upon arrival home about their design discovery & inform them about the local dealer network.
  • Immediate sales – instantly place an order for home delivery.
Smaller Decorative Items & Unique Price Tags

Details make a Difference

The Room for Design space at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol does not only offer space to larger Dutch Design furniture items like chairs, couches and hanging lamps. Several bell jar cabinets placed across the living rooms display smaller design items like vases, lamps and decorative items.

All of these items -whether small or large- have unique price tags attached to them. These tags display essential information about the items, including their recommended retail price, and are equipped with NFC chips and QR codes to simplify the lead generation process as well as the sharing of further information after the passengers with the Dutch Design items at the airport.

April 28, 2018


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