The Airport Photo Booth

An amazing passenger experience & the front-line of digital lead generation.


Touch-screen, camera and smart sensor. To select preferred photo background, take high quality pictures and generate user statistics.

Green Screen

Inside left wall is a ‘green screen’. Using chroma-key technology to offer users the possibility to digitally select their desired photo background.


Customizable backdrop. Full-size wall cover displaying brand communication.

Amazing LED Screen

Full-size LED screen displaying alternately what is happening inside the cube & recently made pictures.

Cool Design

Brushed aluminum outside with catchy LED elements. Dimensions 2.4m x 2.4m x 2.7m (l, w, h)

Snapfly at a glance

  • Passenger Engagement
  • Monthly Subscription Service
  • Coupon Possibility
  • Embedded Revenue Model
  • Only 7m2 of Floorspace Required
  • Social Sharing
  • Data Driven
  • Airside and Landside Opportunity
  • Full Service solution
  • Suitable for High Traffic Locations

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Social Photo Experience

Snapfly is a purpose-built airport photo booth that uses the latest chroma-key green screen technology to provide a diverse selection of backgrounds which create extraordinary visual effects. The unique photos, which can be personalised with location, retailer or brand identity, are sent instantly to the passenger by email and can be shared with friends and family via social media.

Brands and retailers can get involved by adopting backdrops that feature their products or location and also by providing a voucher with bar code that is sent out with the photo email which drives passengers to their stores and restaurants at the airport.

Snapfly is designed to be a great, free-of-charge passenger experience that generates happy travellers and spreads positive airport vibes all over the globe.

Millions of passengers pass through airport terminals every day, bidding farewell to loved ones, departing on their next adventure. Snapfly marks that moment of departure and turns it into the beginning of their journey, by offering passengers a meaningful, fun and exciting digital photo experience to share as a farewell message or to forward as a greeting prior to arrival.

On average a single picture shared on social media is viewed by over 200 friends, resulting in the background’s message being visible to thousands of consumers after just a few minutes. It is a perfect experience for airports, brands and operators who have a story to tell to the world.