Touch Free Vending

select and pay using your phone

Protective opening

Designed to protect the contents of the machine. Also available without door, for 100% touch-free purchases.

Video screen

Screen to provide product information, advertising and usage instructions. Fully remote controlled. Ordering takes place via the passenger’s mobile phone, but can be done via this touch-screen as a back-up possibility.


Each vending machine is fully brandable on the outside.

Wide selection

A sizeable selection of products can be offered. Vending machine is also available in smaller sizes with fewer items to choose from.

Select & Pay touch-free.


    The challenge


    Passengers want to be assured that when they start traveling again, they will be able to do so in conditions that will prevent them from catching any virus. Navigating through the airport touch-free, and without being too close to unknown others.

    The solution


    Aircommerce Touch-Free Vending enables passengers to order and pay for their purchases via their own mobile phone – without downloading any apps. Simply by scanning a QR code.